Damnn Lonewolf | Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

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A Rapper & Song Writer from Catbalogan Samar rapper who’s proud of his roots now has revitalized energy to contribute to the hip-hop community, creative with lyrics with some double meaning innuendo, and a very clear singing voice although his native tongue is waray, we feature him together with Ms.V and Ino makata at #SILAMuna segment in KUMU where we know more about this artist how humbling and talented this artist. A worthy artist worth your attention.

In Feb of 2021, Damnn Lonewolf joined Philippine Rap Olympics and became a finalist where he performed his track “Sige Bato” which gains praise from the judges.

In March of the same year, he was featured again in Pinoy Hiphop Superstar Online Random Interview together with another artist from Pampanga El Lej.

During the pandemic era, he improves himself and joined different rap challenges online, including but not limited to Godspeed 24 Bars, Jhoan & Endang 16 & 24 Bars challenge in Kumu, and he was included in an all-finalist collaboration track, that challenge also became the ways of his connection to both Jhoan & Endang and later their music label Bestlax.

Fast forward he collaborated with other underground artists including Glenn, Homeryoh, Karen of Republikan, Pluma of Manda Rhyme, Kidd Bungo, Asha of URP,

and later a separate collaboration track with Endang titled “Berso” and with Jhoan in “MNML” as well a collaboration to them both with the track called “PUTCHU

Rap style x Genre:  Conscious Rap, Boombap, Lyrical

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Microphone Tactics, 045Records, Jhoan Endang, Bestlax, Nag Lalayag na Artist, The Yow Juan


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dash.manasseh.7
Facebook page:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC81It2V9KyFZB9BJgKQikOQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/damnnlonewolf


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