Cursebox and his tribute to Pinoy Hip-hop

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44 Bars – Gloc-9 x Cursebox (Remix)

Cursebox, Battle of the Beats champion just released an amazing tribute music video to all Pinoy Hip-hop artists that made a significant impact on the culture.

Pioneering artists

Featured rappers such as kings like Francis M, and Andrew E. Rap groups, Sun Valley Crew, Mastaplann, Urban Flow, gangsta rap group Death Threat, Q-York, and the Flavamatics, Rap-Public and who to forgot the trio group, Crazy As Pinoy. Dice and K9 also made it in the video

Heavyweight rappers Kemikal Ali, D-Coy, the famous Loonie, and Ron Henley plus the charismatic Abra. Rapskallion’s Krazykyle, rebuttal king Dello, the viral Salbakuta, and the realest OG Sacred. More in the video were rap groups such as 187 Mobstaz or also known as Mob, Barako Juan with Mike Kosa. The duo from Rekta Sa Kalye, Droppout and Rhyne, the ever ballin’ Mr. Hoops himself, Mike Swift.

New school rappers

And of course, the ones who continued the legacy. The undeniable Ex Battalion, the entire Fliptop Battle League with Anygma, Bugoy na Koykoy and 2 Joints (parang mafia!), Fil-Canadian rap group, Southeast Cartel (Pare ayos lang!), and the Pera In This Bitch, Shots Fired Cartel, internationally acclaimed Manila Grey. Solo artists such as the booming Shanti Dope, Pahinga Ka Muna, Al James, Because, the fire CLR, Flict-G, hard-hitting Pio, the rising Ez Mil with legendary H Bom, Pinoy gangsta Zargon (fave rapper as well) also with Pinay prowesses like Leslie Ito, Tiffany Lei, Alex Bruce, Hearty, Lil Sisa, a personal favorite Pinay badass Ruby Ibarra and the man behind the scenes entrepreneur slash producer all in one package, Douglas Brocklehurst, the tribute featured Cursebox as well highlighting his Battle of the Beats moments and an inspirational clip from the one and only, Gloc-9.

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