Crazzy G Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar



Crazzy G is a Rapper, Songwriter, Battle rapper, Music Producer, Drag Racer, Hype Man and DJ and one of the most respected artist from Balibago Pampanga, he is also famous for his alter ego known as TIWAKAL (Not only it will surprise you, it will also give your goosebumps and nostalgia at the same time)

His influences include Eminem, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne, KRS One, NWA and Local Pooch, Andrew E.

His is the guy who created Pampanga’s Finest a BFPro (Bulacan’s Finest) wing in  Pampanga. He collaborated with so many artist within the PFPro roster but his most notable collaboration is with the King of Rap of the Philippines Andrew E in “Paano Kaya” included in Andrew E does Ballad album. 

His “Panunubos ng Dongalo” Track gains 3,702,426 views in youtube and still counting that style will remind you of the style of the supergroup Ghettodoggs preferably “Pooch”

on Jun 18, 2020 he release Rap Virus that gains 157,690 views on YouTube.

on Oct 31, 2021 he release “KAMATAYAN” in Pampanga’s Finest YouTube channel that now have 64,655 views as of this writing.

Rap style x Genre: Hardcore, Old school, Explicit, Disstrack, Freestyle


Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Ac Underground, PFPRO, Dongalo Wreckords, Crazzy G




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