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Jet Gamboa Magnaye

Rapper/Lyricist/Producer/CEO of ONE GRAND WORLDWIDE. Hailing from Silang, Cavite, Philippines but raised and grew up in the streets of Ermita, Manila. Founded the infamous WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT now known as O.N.E.G.R.A.N.D.C.R.E.W (One Nation & Entire Gangsters Revolution Against National Discrimination Criminal Rhymes Engages War). Classiclove is definitely gangsta rap/hardcore. You should listen to “Maangas” track to get a vibe how he spits them gangsta rap. Collaborated with Charlon “Onlychild” Cortez, a graffiti artist to create his first gangster rap, “Aming Dalaw”. Currently gangbangin’ with Gat Dang Crooks with Hash One, H Beat, Quad T, NJ Ova.


Gat Dang Crooks

One Grand Crew

Affiliations/Rap group\Label: Gat Dang Crooks, One Grand Crew, ONE GRAND STUDIOS, 1000s


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