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Cemboyz N the Hood Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Cemboyz N the Hood Cemboyz N the Hood is a rap group in a loose and unorganized gang-infested neighborhood, created in 2018 at Cembo (Central Enlisted Men’s Barrio) hence the name.

It was Barubal’s birthday when they come up with the idea of creating a group together with Chicofonia, Maddskillz and Chronnic, it was late in July when he pushes the idea.
Barubal start talking to street veterans in Cembo who’s been a rap game for a while like Emcee’tutz, P-Locc, Kabron, Narco Polo.

While Chicofornia recruited DC’Twice, Maddskillz, Touckh B, Yo Freezy, G-Bone, While Chronicc added Bogs and Jokwa.

It was Vision Funcadelic production that serves as the 1st studio and label of the group during Unang 2018-2019. The group guested on different charity events, fiesta, open mic contest etc. Due to the rising success the group have some beef with some notable artist like OG Kaybee, Nookie, Kris Delano, Pricetagg and to their homes like Because, OG Makk were in they create a diss track called “Spit Bulaga“, it also serves as their way to be included in the Dongalo Wreckords family on September of 2020.

That also open the door for them to be included to some vlog interviews and collabs, they were also invited to big event such as Dongalo Wreckords Philippine Rap Olympics, Cokefee Party etc.

Cemboyz”, “Cemboyz n the hood” minsan tinatawag pang “Cembo Boys” Hindi lang ako to, hindi lang to mga kagrupo ko, we got the whole barangay Cembo at nakadikit na sa pangalan ng grupo namin pre. In this way, we are able to bring back something for the hood kumbaga, yun naman ang mahalaga talaga, ipagmalki mo kung san ka nagmula at wag na wag mong kakalimutan yung pinanggalingan mo, Balang araw sasabihin ng mga tao “Ay tiga Cembo ka? Tangina, siugro malupit ka mag rapALAM MO YUN? —- Barubal Dongalo (Cemboyz N The Hood Founder)

on Aug 21, 2019 Barubal release “Kasalukohan” conscious rap about the reality of modern times that gains 17,076 views on their youtube channel.

in Aug 24, 2019 Chronnic Aguilar release “OG” a diss track that to a certain “Batang pasaway” that hiphop fans knows who, this track gains 381,217 views on YouTube.

on Aug 14, 2020 they release the infamous “Spit Bulaga” a hardcore rap that is missing to the modern rap today, with explicit lyrics and ghetto doggs vibes to it, this track gains 150,403 views on their YouTube channel it is also their track that gain make any crowd goes crazy.

in Dec 31, 2020 they release a part 2 of “Split Bulaga” a remixed that includes Balasubas, Mc Kraine, Dugo, Crazzy G, Homie Xyde, Cruzzito Uno, Bubog & Imburnal which gains 79,114 views. 

in Jan 15, 2021 they release “The Lying King” a diss track to those who claims to be king of rap in modern times that has 79,114 views and still counting.

they were also included to “Malakas(Dongalo Sakalam) a collaboration track with PNC (Phat Nasty Crew) and Nasty M release on Feb 9, 2023 which gains 34,814 views

Members: Barubal, Chicofonia, Maddskillz and Chronnic, Emcee’tutz, P-Locc, Kabron, Narco Polo, DC’Twice, Maddskillz, Touckh B, Yo Freezy, G-Bone, Bogs and Jokwa.

Gang History

Cembo is a The infamous True Brown Style (TBS13) and the Latin Lord Gang (LLG) were the first gangs to establish a SET (Chapter/Hood) in Cembo. They are in a constant battle for turf and drug distribution that started from their roots in Paranaque. After the Latin Lord Gang loses its grip on its SET, a war broke out on its ranks and local gangs immersed.

The Blood Pound G’S (BPG), South Side Locs, formed with other members of the Oxford Blues Psychedelic 13 (OBP13) – Guadalupe Hood, 7 Devils, 3P (Tres Puntos) – inspired by the movie Blood In, Blood Out. The neighborhood that only have 0.43 square kilometers is then filled with violence and became a battle ground. Every alley and every street are claimed by different gangs. Even the Fort Bonifacio High School became a hunting ground for these gangsters. Despite Councilor Leonardo Magpantay’s effort (Cembo’s Brgy Captain at that time) to stop it, Cembo remains unpeaceful.

Until July 5, 2018 when Barubal from TBS13 call a truce and ask for unity among these gangs for the sake of the future generations of Cembo. For the first time since these gangs where formed they ended up having one, same ideology. The war that lasted for more than 2 decades has come to an end, and the group Cemboyz N The Hood were formed. And now they’re up to one common goal; To protect the neighborhood and its interests and to take out those who are trying destroy HipHop’s credibility. Forged by turf wars, Cemboyz N The Hood is down for whatever. —

Rap style x Genre: Hardcore, Diss Track, Conscious Rap, Streets, Gangsta

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Vision Funcadelic production, Dongalo Wreckords


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/centralblocc
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb42coCk0MTzO_4pTvPzKpg


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