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PRAY-MS.V Official Music Video

This femcee keeps on improving everytime./ check her PHS card here: subscribe to Ms. V youtube channel:   #MsV #Pray #Fresh #OfficialMusicVideo #PinoyHiphopSuperstar #Femcee #PeaceYows #UndergroundSounds

Pooch Maniwata Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

Biography Pooch Maniwata is a fictional character in local hip-hop community, a alter ego of one of the most decorated rap artist in the philippines,...

Mista Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

Biography Rodel Villa Ramos is another underground artist from the Morobeats camp also known as Mista from Pasig. One of the artists you should keep...

A Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

Biography Aaliyah Berenguer Bunyi is a young talented femcee from the Morobeats Camp also known and simply as "A" a young one evolving with hip-hop,...

Alternative Rappers in Pinoy Hiphop

From the word itself, alternative, replacement or another possibility which were rap can also benefit. So it's not only Gangsta, Lyrical, RNB that can stem...

Bawal Clan – Bobby Bobbito (Official Music Video)

Featuring: Ankhten Brown RJay Ty DZ SVG Lex Luthoor Nuevo Mic Rahman Bawal Clan socials

Southeast Cartel – SICK SIDE (Official Video)

Finally another hot music video from the Southeast Cartel clique. PHS is always a big fan.

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