Blvck Flowers group & music video launch

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Congratulations to BLVCK Entertainment for the successful group launch of BLVCK Flowers, after all the training and hard work everything is finally paid off, the stars align as Pola, Yara, Candice and Shanis find the balance of of talent, dedication and camaraderie.

and today at BLVCK CREATIVE studio we gathered to witness what the group is all about.

Blvck Flowers is a 4-member girl group composed of young, beautiful and talented artists from the PH that about to dominated the PPOP scene with the launch of their debut single “PPOPSTAR” that you can check below:

A successful presscon held as they (BLVCK Flowers) answered question from different media channels from different genra’s and even selected social media partners from hip-hop community including but not limited to Pinoy Hiphop Superstar. Enjoy the rest of the pictures below:

media from different music sides cover the event as well

Hosted by the very talented BLVCK Entertainment resident host Jack Logan

The BLVCK Entertainment heads and production team watching proudly

as well as their proud mentor/choreographer

BLVCK Flowers with Jack Logan

selfies with their supporters as well

BLVCK Flowers with Crispin of Crazy as Pinoy and other social media partners as well

not to mention that the presscon starts with a energetic performance

Their debut single PPOPSTAR was directed by the famous Titus Cee with assistant director Jon “King Badger” Gutierrez


Lhemor One

Their music producer Lhemor One and JG Beats

and they gracefully answered every questions

Congrats to BLVCK Entertainment, BLVCK music for this succesful launch shout out to the team behind this.

Special thanks to Jeffrey “Crispin” Zapp Pilien for inviting me again, all the social media partners Anisidem+, Lokal PH, Onemusic PH, One Up and Lhemor one & JG Beats nice meeting all of you.

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