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Tunecore PH Masterclass!

Tunecore PH will be organizing a FREE ONLINE masterclass this Oct 4, kung gusto nyong matutunan ang mga bagay bagay about TUNECORE or papano kayo makakapag distribute ng iyong mga music, or papanong pwede kayong kumita sa mga music nyo wag nyo na palampasin ang opportunity na to register kayo and feel free to asked your questions too. Pasa nyo narin sa mga local artist na kilala nyo.
mark the date Oct 4, 2PM & 6PM (ONLINE)
to register hit this link: http://shorturl.at/wHR27
know more:

source: https://www.facebook.com/dougbrocktv/videos/185628791034037

Palakasin ang Hiphop sa pinas | Rhymically Applied Poetry tied up with Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

Palakasin ang hiphop sa pinas! 

Rhymically Applied Poetry on of the most recognized local hiphop page that promotes hiphop created June 30, 2019 and have gained 120K facebook page LIKES and 312k page FOLLOWERS entrusted us (Pinoyhiphopsuperstar created September 3, 2010) to became admin of their page and with that we will help promote more underground artist and latest news about pinoy local hiphop.
expect some simulcast live version of PHS 2cents and more Pinoy Hiphop Superstar related content on #Rhymicallappliedpoetry page
special thanks to the creator of (who doesn’t want any recognition)
Rhymically Applied Poetry for trusting us.
visit and like the page:

Arpee Turla – BAC Stories ft. Stefane (prod.by Lyrax)


Subscribe ▶️ /dttsarpeemusic Subscribe ▶️ /dttsclassics 📷 ig @mentalstyleest06

Written & Performed by Arpee Turla , Stefane shout out from OG Kaybee ———- Director/Editor @mentalstyleest06
Bird’s Eye @mentalstyleest06
Media Partner @dttsmovement

Mixed & Mastered by John Edmel “Melrhyme” | GCODE RECORDS Exec.

Prod. Dedicated to the Streets | Bac Area Music FB PAGE DTTS https://www.facebook.com/dttsclassics

Mastaplann Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar



One of the most influential Pinoy rap groups, Mastaplann was originally composed of MCs, Butch “Tracer One” Velez and Johnny “Type” Luna both coming from The San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California in The US. Upon their visit to The Philippines back in 1992, the two eventually met The Megateam DJs, Sonny, M.O.D. and Ouch via DMC Philippines manager, Jessie Gonzales Cambosa.

The Megateam DJs joined Mastaplann and provided both beats and production for the group. They eventually got signed to Universal Records Philippines, and released their first “self-titled” studio album back in 1993. The album became widely successful and brought in hit tracks such as, “Bring Dat Booty”, “Fix da World Up” and many more.

Mastaplann became a game changer in The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene, bringing in a more “street-like” persona unlike the “commercial” image of Pinoy Rap’s predecessors. They have influenced later generations of Pinoy Rap artists and groups in both music, image and subject matter.

A year after the released of their “self-titled” studio album, Mastaplann adapted a more “g-funk” sound when the group released their second studio album, The Way Of The Plann back in 1994 and contained the hit track of the same title as well as “Rollin’ in tha Ride” and many others.

Both Tracer-One and Type returned to The US back in the late-90s and began to explore the internet, which during that time was progressing and becoming more available. With help of various html programmers, the two set up their official website (mastaplann.com) and began to promote their music online. At the same time, joined Francis M.’s newly formed label, Red Egg Records and released their third studio album, Mastaplann.com back in 1999.

With new production from The Handroidz, Mastaplann shifted from g-funk to a combination of boombap and a more abstract sound. Overall, Mastaplann.com was well received in The Pinoy Hip-Hop Community.

Mastaplann continues to collaborate and perform in various hip-hop events around The US, particularly in The West Coast. Recently Johnny Krush, a long time friend and collaborator joined the group and along with Tracer-One performed in reunion concerts during their visits to Metro Manila.

source: http://hiphop.ph/database/m-p/mastaplann/

In Dec 2010 they release a collaboration track titled “The Anthem” together with ILL-J & Rye. This tracks is also featured in their reunion in 2010.

In August 2012 they collaborated with Bambu with the track called “Welcome to Manila

In Apr 2020 the Duo of Tracer One and Johnny Krush performs their classic track “The Way Of The Plann” in WISH USA that gains 423,998 views.

In October 2020 they were also featured in “The FlipTop Festival 2020” line up, a well deserved spot as were they perform their greatest hits.

In June 2023 they release their newest collaboration track with the rising artist JRLD M with the track called BRING IT BACK produced by Music Colony Records​

in Sept 2023 they perform once again at WISH Bus USA  performing their newest “BRING IT BACK

As of late Mastaplann (Tracer One & Johnny Krush) is still active, proving their legendary status is not just because they were here before, but because they are here to stay.

to know more we also feature the Mastaplann in our Pinoy Hiphop Evolution here:


  • Two platinum albums under Universal Records: Mastaplann, and The Way of tha Plann
    Gold album under BMG/Red Egg Records: Mastaplann.com
  • 1993, and 1994 Awit Award nominee, Best Rap
  • 1994 Katha Award nominee and winner, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Album
  • Number One songs in the Philippines, Bring Dat Booty, Is It Time, True Asiatik, Way of tha Plann
  • Toured all of Philippines. Also, in 1994 toured Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong to promote the release of The Way of tha Plann in those respective countries
  • 1994 Number One rap song in Malaysia, Bring Dat Booty
  • 1993, opened for Bobby Brown for a major concert at the Folk Arts Theater
  • 1994, performed with Eraserheads for their first major concert, Jamboree also at the Folk Arts Theater
  • Produced music for various Filipino artists such as Francis M., Death Threat, Sun Valley Crew
  • Hosted video specials for MTV Asia and Channel V
  • Various promotional and guest stints for television programs in the Philippines

Rap style x Genre: Boombap, G-Funk

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Tru Asiatik Tribe, Red Egg Records


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063725019204
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@ogtracer-butchvelezmastapl4884


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Drexx Lira Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar



Drexx Galindez also known as Drexx Lira is a rapper, songwriter, arranger at Brain n Bones Music, he is also an entrepreneur and owner of  Boom Bap Apparel, He is under Gotmic International & Dongalo Wreckords.

Grew up in the streets of San Jose del Monte in Bulacan, Drexx Lira has been an avid fan of the “Golden Era” of Hip-hop and will always be. He started to write and record songs when he was 17 years old. Currently, he’s under Gotmic of Dongalo Wreckords, handled by a Filipino rapper and producer Jawtee, and 1/3 of Nozomi, a rap trio (together with GK Ibarra and Homeryoh) handpicked by Andrew E. (source: Drexx Lira youtube channel)

In August 2020 he collaborated with Bastee and release “G.B.Y” (Ganito ba yon) that proves how can fast we can spit, it gained 340,396 views in youtube due to the success of “G.B.Y” in Jan, 2021 he collaborated more fastest rapper to created a part 2 of that track including Bastee, GK Ibarra, Khen Magat and Kangal with the track called “G.B.Y II” that gains 331,397 views in his youtube channel.

In Oct 2022 he release his mixtape title “The Boom Bap Hangover” that have 12 tracks featuring some of his Dongalo brethren including but not limited to Crazzy G, MC Kraine, Bastee, Youngone, Chronnic, Hi-Jakkk and more.

In Dec 2022 he release “The Blitz” that have 10,200 views in his youtube channel.

in Feb 2023 he was included with a all star Dongalo and Sandamukal track called “Balibagan” and this track gained 63,246 views.

In May 2023 he release another mixtape called “Soul Nuggets” and as a tribute to the old school this limited (100 copy) mixtape will not be available online.

Rap style x Genre: Boombap, Speedrap,

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Gotmic International, Dongalo Wreckords, Nozomi


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrexxLira
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089243385718
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@DrexxLira


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Karl Banayad Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar



John Kyle Pascual or simply known as Karl Banayad is a rapper, and songwriter from Valenzuela City.

He collaborated with so many artist such as but not limited to, Gentgoons, SuperJcee, Bishnu, Shao Lin, Rakkkim, Pazakalye, Bonafide, Cyp, Tempo, Ichan, Khel Nolasco and others.

He have 2 mixtapes under his belt KWARANTIN mixtape (June 2020) with 3 tracks, and OTW mixtape (Feb 2021) with 9 tracks.

On August 2020 he collaborated with Eros Tongco with a track titled “Bawal” it is also included in KWARANTIN mixtape and it gained 1,346 views on youtube.

In Sept 2021 he release “MEGALODON” a collaboration track with Gentgoons SuperJcee Bishnu Shao Lin Rakkkim Pazakalye Bonafide & Cyp with 5,021 views on youtube.

In Feb 2022 he was welcome in the Morobeats Camp.

In May 2022 he release “WASAK” together with feat. Gentgoons & Tempo this fast pace track gained 3,905 views.

In January 2023 he collaborated with ArAr & Macky P with a track called “Dito sa Kalye” and it gained 2,601 views. 

In May 2023 he was featured in Maman Buryong’s Gudshito Live Episode 05 that you can check below:


In July 2023 they release a music video of his collaboration with Ichan & Khel Nolasco in the track titled “Wag muna ngayon” (check below)

as of late Karl Banayad is still active, and getting better and better as time goes by.


Rap style x Genre: Boombap, Conscious Rap, Streets

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Morobeats


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/johnkyle.pascual
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kaloymasiddo
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KarlBanayad


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JG Beats Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar



James Patrick Garcia or simply known as JG Beats is a Producer, Beatmaker from Manila.

He produce and help artist such as but not limited to Southpro Souljah, Lil Vinceyy, Dos Lirikal, Jef Valderama, Lhemor One, Boss Toyo and more.

In April 2020 he due to pandemic and producers releasing their beat challenges he also produce a challenge of his own called “24 Bars JG Beats challenge” on his youtube channel that gained 5,184 views on youtube.


In June 2020 he produce a beat for Jef Valderama in a track titled “Nakita na” and that track gained 13, 795 views on youtube.

In April 2021 he produce a beat for Lhemor One with a track called “Be my lady” and it gained 6,032 views in youtube.

In July 2021 he put his entry on 44 Gloc-9 challenge “Lagay mo Beat mo” that you can listen below:

In the same year he produce for Dos Lirikal &  Jef Valderama with the track titled “Gising” that have 4, 834 views on youtube.

In December 2022 he produced, mixed and mastered a track titled “To Live and Die” for various artist KALYE NUEVE, NepoDednim, SJP Music, RockaFellaz, 4A’s Famya, BroAlasfamya, No Dream pro, Lp ritmo,SouthproSouljah with hooked performed by Lhemor One they were simply dubbed as Las Piñas Allstar this collective effort gained 39,720 views.

In April 2023 he produced, mixed and mastered a beat for Gasty & Lhemor One with a track titled “Kinang” that have 1,110 view in his youtube channel.

Due to the success of “To Live and Die” a second edition was created called “To Live and Die 2″ with various artist that includes Zerolf, Botoy’z, Yamato, Yobz, Blitz Chestah, Kane Lukas, Batang, Symon Charles, Flow K, Jayjay , Luck$ D’One, Stephen Wizzy, Psyche Kidd, Ekko Telo, Aeky, Naj, XhoutieMandy Mandy Mack, Hustla, Carlo Stevenson, Tutri, Merwin, Denmark, Hombre from different rap camps from Las Piñas and this track gained 207,563 views on youtube.

As of late JG Beats is still active, producing tracks from various artist and discovering different artist that deserved his knowledge, a true blessing in our community.

Rap style x Genre: 

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Southpro Souljah, Lil Vinceyy, Dos Lirikal, Lhemor One, Jef Valderama


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamespatrck
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JGBEATSSS
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCstHBB6Cn0MGaGJcJXPOnCA


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Blvck Flowers group & music video launch


Congratulations to BLVCK Entertainment for the successful group launch of BLVCK Flowers, after all the training and hard work everything is finally paid off, the stars align as Pola, Yara, Candice and Shanis find the balance of of talent, dedication and camaraderie.

and today at BLVCK CREATIVE studio we gathered to witness what the group is all about.

Blvck Flowers is a 4-member girl group composed of young, beautiful and talented artists from the PH that about to dominated the PPOP scene with the launch of their debut single “PPOPSTAR” that you can check below:

A successful presscon held as they (BLVCK Flowers) answered question from different media channels from different genra’s and even selected social media partners from hip-hop community including but not limited to Pinoy Hiphop Superstar. Enjoy the rest of the pictures below:

media from different music sides cover the event as well

Hosted by the very talented BLVCK Entertainment resident host Jack Logan

The BLVCK Entertainment heads and production team watching proudly

as well as their proud mentor/choreographer

BLVCK Flowers with Jack Logan

selfies with their supporters as well

BLVCK Flowers with Crispin of Crazy as Pinoy and other social media partners as well

not to mention that the presscon starts with a energetic performance

Their debut single PPOPSTAR was directed by the famous Titus Cee with assistant director Jon “King Badger” Gutierrez


Lhemor One

Their music producer Lhemor One and JG Beats

and they gracefully answered every questions

Congrats to BLVCK Entertainment, BLVCK music for this succesful launch shout out to the team behind this.

Special thanks to Jeffrey “Crispin” Zapp Pilien for inviting me again, all the social media partners Anisidem+, Lokal PH, Onemusic PH, One Up and Lhemor one & JG Beats nice meeting all of you.

follow our individual pages:

Anisidem+ : https://www.facebook.com/wethemedicine

Lokal Hiphop: https://www.facebook.com/localhiphop?mibextid=ZbWKwL 

One music PH: https://www.facebook.com/OneMusicPH

One Up: https://www.facebook.com/ONEUP1013

Pinoy Hiphop Superstar: www.facebook.com/PinoyHiphopSuperstarofficialfanpage

BLVCK Entertainment presents Crazy as Pinoy at Fishermall Malabon


Congratulations to BLVCK Entertainment for the successful event in bringing Crazy as Pinoy, Boss Toyo and BLVCK Flowers, July 2, 2023 at Fishermall Malabon, it is the first mall tour of the newly revitalized rap trio and definitely a hot crowd.

This event is filled with good music that caters to both old and new audience, also have fun and entertaining games and giveaways with BLVCK Entertainment roster of talents such as BLVCK Flowers, Boss Toyo and hosted by Jack Logan. 

Enjoy the rest of the pictures below

Crazy as Pinoy posting with the crowd

performing their hit track “Panaginip” with a serenating crowd.

Crazy as Pinoy and team backstage

BLVCK Flowers (fb page: https://www.facebook.com/blvckflowersofficial)

being interviewed by host Jack Logan

BLVCK Flowers posting with the crowd

Boss Toyo is also in the House!

The entertaining host Jack Logan

Boss Toyo!

Crazy as Pinoy performing Huwad


Sisa showing her vocal prowess 

The classic song banters that Crazy as pinoy masters.

with some fun games!

check the full set of pictures here:

Special thanks to sir “Crispin” Jeffrey Zapp Pilien for inviting me to be here.
Be updated and support their new page: https://www.facebook.com/CrazyasPinoy2.0

follow BLVCK Entertainment to know more : https://www.facebook.com/BLVCKEntertainment

#PHS #PinoyHiphopSuperstar #CrazyAsPinoy#BossToyo #BLVCKFlowers #BLVCKEntertainment

Katchafiah Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar



Nekro Kevs also known as Katchafiah is a Singer, rapper, beat producer, songwriter and musician (he knows how to play Drums, Base, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele) from San Juan City now reppin Morobeats, and Calle Siete Diez.

He started in music in 2006 it’s actually a rap metal in a group name Clinchwere in he was the frontman, he cited he was inspired by the likes of Rage against the machine, greyhoundz, and others, they usually perform “Double Kara” by Francis M and Gloc-9, that introduce him to Pinoy Rap but the group disbanded in 2011 due to the members getting busy with their own personal lives.

He also cited that listen to rap metal groups like Linkin Park, Crazytown etc, and then he started listening to Francis M, 187 Mobstaz, Floetics, Republican, and San Juan own Phat Nasty Crew, that inspire him even more.

He started rappin solo in 2017 because of the free beats available in youtube that time, were in he is on the verge of exploring music, that exploration leads him to create a track called “Kalmado”, his style is more a reggae but cited that he’s more into variety, his interest peaks and started joining facebook groups were in he commented on a underground invitational that resulted him to be invited in EURO TV to perform 2020 this exposure although for experiences purposes only leads him to be invited again,but in a live band style.

In 2019 he joined Morobeats Bara-Bara challenge, were in Jmara became a champion. Although he never win he learn alot from those experience and earn accolades along the way, He was invited by DJ medmessiah when he saw his entry in 44 bars Gloc-9 challenge that he created, in Morobeats he gained more knowledge they also create a some yet unreleased tracks while he was playing ukulele, in Dec 16, 2020 he was asked to be officially part of Morobeats by DJ medmessiah.

He also joined some open mics competion like Callecon, and more open mics in San Juan although unable to win he learn alot from those experiences and became more hungry for more competition.

In June 2023 his persistence and determination paid of when he became a champion in San Juan City Rap Battle, he cited he read the mechanics carefully and which he follow the rules and remixed a certain beat by Xenobeats, he created a new track titled “Makabagong San Juan“, he battle with 21 other contestant represent each barangay and he represent barangay “Ermentanyo“.

This achievement inspires him even more and plans to focus on music joining the Morobeats camp and learn more along the way. And eventually pass the knowledge to the younger generation that planning to enter rap music as well. Katchafiah is just getting started.



Rap style x Genre: Boombap, Variety, Raggae

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Morobeats, Calle siete diez


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/necrokevz
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/katchafiah
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@KatchafiahPH


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