Blazing Skull Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

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Blazing Skull was founded by Jenar Descutido “Sober D” (Producer/Artist/Sound Engineer) in 2011. Blazing Skull has 9 members in their group:
Jenar Descutido (Sober D. as a Producer/Jenar Descutido)
Darien James Venus (Yen Venus)
Gian Naagas (Akdfrmlte)
Edward Scotter (Edward Scotter)
John Christian Baile (King)
David Dimaano (Peso.sins)
Ron Medwin Rara (Third Iris)
Carlo Sigua (Ashkhas)
Rex San Gaspar Aglinao (REXXX)

Blazing Skull Latest achievement was collabing with one of the respected Emcee in The Philippines and that is “Apoc” with their latest Single: LB-235

Others Achievements:
Sober D is one of the sound engineers who mixed and mastered Manilafornia Vol. 3
Sober D. Produced Owfuck: Biyahe feat Jameson
Blazing Skull was also promoted by Local and Unrthdx with their tracks: PS2, Love, Snakes and ladders, I’ll, and other tracks.
REXX also has Music Video with Frame up Manila
Ashkhas and Third Iris released their Music video directed by Popaul Noti
Edward Scotter Released his Music Video with his track: TDK
The last but not the least improvement is within theirselves by improving their skills with their Pen game and Creativity

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Blazing Skull BEST TRACKS!
LB 235( with APOC):


Free Verse Dos (with ROW4):

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