Bishnu Paneru Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Lorens (Lawrence) Ramos also known as Bishnu Paneru is a rapper and songwriter from Obandawgs. He started rapping in 2019.

He cited that it was Eminem who inspired him to be a rapper. His fondness for Rap grew because Hip-hop/Rap became the extension of his expression.

On Apr 29, 2020 he release “Pilipinas” on his youtube account which now has 81,384 views. Making it the tracks put him on the map, this conscious rap contains heavy lines and creative comparisons of the Philippines to a woman, with lines like “how ironic na ginamit ka, kaya ka nawawasak”

His youtube channel contains some self produce mixtapes, On July 2021 he drop a staggering 10 mixtapes such as:

  • Holy Shhh Mixtape (July 2021) 10 tracks
  • Utensils Mixtape (July 2021) 4 tracks
  • Love ain’t real mixtape (July 2021) 4 tracks
  • Midyear Mixtape (July 2021) 4 tracks
  • Mood Mixtape (July 2021) 6 tracks
  • Bishnu x Jaren Mixtape (July 2021)  3 tracks
  • Ophigh Mixtape (July 2021)  4 tracks
  • Zone mixtape (July 2021)  6 tracks
  • Night and Day Mixtape (July 2021) 10 tracks
  • Sariling Sikap Mixtape (July 2021)  8 tracks
  • on Dec 2021 PULL up Mixtape that has 6 tracks
  • Live on time Mixtape (Dec 2021) 6 tracks

On Feb 1, 2022 he release “Coded” that has 3,409 views on youtube.

On Apr 11, 2022 he joined 44 Bars Gloc-9 x Tribal Rap Challenge which he luckily won, and was able to meet Gloc-9. check his entry below:


On Apr 3, 2022 he create a part 2 of his “Pilipinas” track that has 8,359 views on youtube

As of late due to his Tribal Rap Challenge success, is slowly gaining well-deserved popularity, and his dedication and passion are now paying off and no one will can’t argue why.

Rap style x Genre: Conscious Rap, Smooth, Wordplay

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Obandawgs


Facebook page:


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