Benjie Rayala Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Benjie Rayala is a entrepreneur, Hip-hop personality and business mogul and the owner of Branded, Vault Select and Hypebeat from Caloocan (CAMANAVA). His brand represents both hip-hop and metal culture. The primary goal of the brand is to reach out hip-hop and metal community and bring them together as one.

He is well connected to both mainstream and underground artist, he collaborated with so many artist (in a business manner) collaborated with Sinio, Fliptop (Wipcaps) 

He was inspired to start something of his own in order to show his appreciation for the community. His experience, hard work, love for street wear and passion are his weapon and now we respect with for too.

you can visit BranDead at Room Parking 15 2nd Floor “Inside MUNOZ MARKET” Roosevelt Avenue Corner Edsa, Quezon City beside Walter Mart Munoz ( Roosevelt LRT Station)

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Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Branded, Vault Select and Hypebeat, Wipheads


Facebook page:

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