Denmar Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Denmar Losabia
or simply known as DNMR (Denmar) is a singer, songwriter & rap artist from Rap and Rhyme Records.

His style is mostly Rnb, as he has this mainstream-sounding voice, captivating and yet soulful, and serves as the guy who sings the hooks in most of his collab with Rap and Rhymes records.

on Feb 13, 2022, he releases a track called “Ako Nalang” with Siobal D a track that was included in PHS2cents Weekly Top 10 and a personal favorite.

Siobal D also praises him in this review:

saying he wish he also wanted to have that voice.

He also does collaboration tracks with other artists outside their camp, in April 7, 2022, he was part of a track called “Friendzone” together with Erning Bakal, Plan Motiff, and Kardong Bungo. 

although still unknown to many, if given a chance this artist will have a bright future.

Rap style x Genre: Rnb

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Rap and Rhymes Records, Records SV1 Production


Facebook page:


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