Aubrey Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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Aubrey Rose Osborne Ancheta or simply known as Aubrey is a rapper, songwriter, and freestyler from Dapo Pandacan Manila.

In her early age Aubrey has a rough start, always getting miniscule by her relatives always being doubted about what can she achieve in life. That frustration became the fuel of her eagerness to succeed in life.

She get’s into rap when she listen to Smugglaz, that inspires her to try rapping specially speed rap and Freestyle, at first she doesn’t love Hip-hop as she finds it a little noisy until she meet Smugglaz himself that motivated her even more.

Later in her young career she became part of Barakojuan a collection of well respected artist and up and coming talents such as Zaito, Mike Kosa, Audrey, Axcel and Bogito to name a few. She was active for almost a year until she leaves, became tired and question her placement in this rap game.

In Her hiatus she realized a lot of things, tried new ventures such as Tiktok which was recommend by her boyfriend Lamvert wherein she became more connected, became more successful, she noted that she used to hate Tiktok at first because she doesn’t know how to dance, and didn’t she know that this platform will help her find more success even earning money from it. With a new renewed energy Aubrey is more confident now than ever, her doubters became her inspiration because in her mind she lives in the mantra of “The Greatest revenge is being successful”

Rap style x Genre: Freestyle, Speed Rap

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Barakojuan




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