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Acid Rogado Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

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Member of West-Land Production. One of the heavyweights in Pinoy Hip-hop Underground. Acid has collaborations with artists like Nikkie Gil and the track “Handang Maghintay”, Resflo, G-Pump, and Cyclone. There are so many talented Pinoy rappers out there but very under-rated and Acid is one of them. Acid got our attention when we first heard “Pasensya Kana”. The track is roughly saying he can’t be dictated by anyone else but him, “Pasensya kana, ‘di naman kasi ako tulad nila”. His work does not revolve around money, bitches, and the rest of the C.R.E.A.M mentality. Very profound lyricist which tackles the exact journey of an unheard poet.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acid.rogado
Facebook page:
Youtube: www.youtube.com/Acid Rogado

Rap style x Genre: Lyrical

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: West-Land Production / Good Boy Music


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