63 Phunk Pinoy Hip-hop Superstar

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A Duo that consists of 90s Filipino Hip Hop Veteran Emcee and Beatmaker/Producer Dash Calzado of Legit Misfitz & his Godson Erib Mandia aka E.R.B da Godson, who’s been around the scene since he was 12 years old started in 2002 and one of the many artists that are putting Caloocan City on the map with MONUMENTO CLAN and Kalookals Music. 63 (Philippines International Code) Phunk (which is the vibe the music the lifestyle attitude soul spelled with a PH) is a collective of that late 70s and early late 80s Funk sound and that 90s G Funk which started out in the West Coast Los Angeles California to be exact. with production from the artists themselves (Beats Of The NorthStar) and other production from Ochomill of 8 Beats and Juanway of Graveyard Musick and the one and only French G Funk Producer Laidback Sounds (Based in Dublin,Ireland) who has worked with the likes of G Funk legends Snoop Dogg, RBX of Death Row Records, DJ QUIK, DJ Glaze of Foesum and other local artists like Blaze N Kane, Smugglaz, Knowa Lazarus, Pikaso, Brown Poetics to name a few.

The 63 Phunk project will have featured artists such Phunky Juan Entertainment artists Juan Way, Gazmastah and DJ Trigga, Jorge Vigalante from Ilo Ilo, Uela Basco, Layzie Fu & Daddy A of Daddy’s Home, Ynnah Arensol, Mark Fiasco, King Beatsmith, P.O.T. and an All-Star Posse track which will feature some of the best of the best. set to take off this coming 2023 we will take you above the clouds with its 1st single produced by Laidback Sounds Feat. Daniel Ashley that G Funk Philippines sound with that P Phunk, Phunky Juan Entertainment Force to wrecken with. feel the Phunk, feel the vibe let’s get it Poppin n Lockin for the Poppers and Lockers Boogaloo on down with 63 Phunk.

Rap style x Genre: G Punk, 90’s Funk

Affiliations x Rap group x Label: Legit Misfitz, Punky Juan Entertainment, Kalookals Music


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NAUSngMorobeats


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